plaslic doll her name is barbie...

Barbie it’s blond girl, without heart and soul. 

You can play and touch , you can fall in love . 


But sure In too time you can buy a new doll. 

It not the problem on sale is available much 


You can change her clothes , delete her pink lips 

and be always right. And still she’s gonna smile. 


She just doll. You only the little boy which like to play with doll. 

Guys have started to joke of you that you play till now with a doll. 


You have decided not to show her pink skirt 

and have removed the pink dreams 


Has left a doll in a dark corner, you play with the real girl 

Why you have forgotten the children's dreams to have blond Barbie. 


Sure I understand what to play with plastic stupid. 

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